The High School Craft Experience: Part II

After their visit to the Craft in America Center, students from Fairfax and Van Nuys High School had a special workshop at their schools with artist Jaydan Moore on Wednesday and Thursday. Jaydan Moore was introduced to each classroom and was able to speak directly with them about his own work and inspirations. The students were also at leisure to ask him as many questions as they wanted.

Because the students were aware of Jaydan’s work from their exposure to the “Craft School Experience” exhibit here at the center, it was clear that many of the students anticipated making a sculptural project with the artist. However, what the students didn’t know exactly what materials they would be using to build these sculptures, so when Jaydan dropped the entire contents of his boxes onto the table the students were completely drawn to the miscellaneous objects up for grab. It was great watching their fascination change to shock when Jaydan announced they had exactly 5 minutes to complete a sculpture. They grabbed and ran to their tables in order to create their project; some of the students were in their own zone, others were in competition with each other to see who would build the better sculpture.

When the students finished their quick sculptures, they were able to critique their work with Jaydan. They explained their process of choosing and building up the materials. When I asked Jaydan what he enjoyed about working with High School students, he explained that their engagement was the most rewarding. He remembers being at that age and being quiet, so it was normal to have some students shy away, but also great to have many more proceed to create something spectacular.

Jaydan Moore will be joining the Craft in America Center today for a special talk. Please join us today, March 4 at 4pm.