Museo Estatal de Arte Popular Oaxaca

The Museo Estatal de Arte Popular Oaxaca (State Museum of Popular Art of Oaxaca) or MEAPO is a small museum in San Bartolo Coyotepec just south of the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is run by the state of Oaxaca to showcase the entity’s handcrafts and folk art tradition, through its permanent collection, online “cyber-museum,” collaboration with national and international entities, and sponsorship of events such as craft markets, conferences, and temporary exhibitions. It is dedicated to the crafts and to the artisans and the cultures behind the items. Its collection contains samples of most of the crafts produced in the state, especially the Central Valleys region, but most of its collection consists of barro negro pottery, the specialty of San Bartolo Coyotepec. It is run by director Carlomagno Pedro Martínez, artisan and artist in barro negro featured in our BORDERS episode.