Mary Little: The Shape of Cloth

Subdued and flawless, the sculptural fiber wall hangings of Mary Little stem from Little’s passion for the magical and metaphorical qualities of cloth. For this exhibition, Little created a site-specific, three-dimensional fiber form suspended in the Center window that complements the patterns and inspiration of her wall pieces. Little recently began investigating fiber spaces in her practice as an extension of the contemplative and poetic qualities she strives to achieve throughout her work. With her remarkable ability to maintain a balance between the delicate and striking, Little’s art flows between big emotions and subtlety. Little takes inspiration from the landscape of her childhood on a peninsula in Northern Ireland. Little evokes the contrasts of land to abstract the terrain and create line and pattern via shadow and light. Little solely uses unbleached artist canvas because of its utility and simplicity and because of her history in working with the material as a furniture designer. Using upholstery techniques, Little manipulates her material by creating seemingly ephemeral folds and tucks that are permanently documented in the cloth. Her minimalist aesthetic is apparent in her neutral palette, humble material, and precision of form.

This exhibition is on view from April 21-June 2, 2018 at the Craft in America Center.

Photos by Madison Metro