Persuading the Public to Venture into a Craft School Experience

This past Saturday we had the privilege of hosting a talk with Penland School of Crafts’ Director Jean McLaughlin. It was a considerable turnout with people filling our space to learn more about “The Craft School Experience”. McLaughlin spoke about all five schools in our exhibition, Penland, Haystack, Arrowmont, Peters Valley, and Pilchuck, and how these schools have a special relationship that differentiates them from various other craft schools in the country.

The audience was eager to ask questions about registration, class size, demographics and tuition. We found out that each school is different in it’s own wonderful way. McLaughlin effortlessly made Penland sound enticing and encouraged everyone to look at the registration booklet to see the various types of classes offered per session. There are several classes offered each session, summer being the most popular, and they range from beginner to advanced levels. These are classes taught by talented and renowned artists. She provided information and gave ringing endorsements for courses being offered in 2017 at the other schools in the consortium, as well.

We followed the talk with a reception for our current exhibition “The Craft School Experience: Outcomes and Revelations.” Displayed are pieces by Cynthia Bringle, Nancy Callan, Sonya Clark, Bruce Dehnert, Arline Fisch, Susie Ganch, Matt Kelleher, Gerhardt Knodel, Marc Maiorana, Dante Marioni, Christy Matson, Sequoia Miller, Jaydan Moore, Rowland Ricketts, Chris Staley, and Lino Tagliapietra. All artists have taught, studied and/or worked at one or more of these craft schools. We are showing cross-disciplinary artists who have been vocal about the craft schools that have most impacted their work.

Don’t miss this collection of exceptional pieces by artists from across the craft spectrum. And, if you would like registration booklets for these schools, please feel free to stop by the Craft in America Center for your own free copy. The exhibition “The Craft School Experience: Outcomes and Revelations,” runs through March 11, 2017.