Filming Jaime Guerrero

Last month, the Craft in America crew visited Jaime Guerrero’s studio in Los Angeles. Jaime and his assistant Tyler taught a group of high school students about glassblowing and they all got a chance to try it out. How exciting! We also filmed a few of Jaime’s pieces in his studio, including Farm Worker, which was included in the “California Handmade” exhibition. See more of Jaime’s work at the Craft in America Center in August 2017.

We then followed Jaime to Corning Museum of Glass, where we filmed Jaime creating a life-size figure out of glass. Jaime worked with the gaffers to create all the individual parts (hands, feet, sweater, pants, head, hair) and assemble the entire sculpture. At one point, the figure got so heavy, it took two men to move it back and forth between the glory hole and the bench. The whole process was quite an incredible feat to witness. Many thanks to the Corning Museum of Glass.