Is talent inherited? What is it like to live in a household where objects are made by hand? FAMILY explores the creative environments and personal dynamics of four families of craft artists. Featuring ceramic and jewelry artists Cliff & Holly Lee, glass artists Paul & Dante & Marina Marioni, wood turners Ed & Philip & Matt Moulthrop, and boot maker Lisa Sorrell. PBS premiere: October 17, 2011.


Ed Moulthrop Philip Moulthrop

Paul Marioni Dante Marioni Marina Marioni

Cliff Lee Holly Lee. Mark Markley photograph Lisa Sorrell. Mark Markley photograph

EDUCATION GUIDE: The Sorrell Family: A Perfect Fit
Lisa Sorrell. Mark Markley photograph

In this lesson, students will learn about the artist Lisa Sorrell, her work as a boot maker, and the process of making leather cowboy boots by hand. Students will gain insight on how a family can contribute to the rich and purposeful life of the craftsperson. The studio portion of the “Instructional Strategies” is designed to give students the opportunity to craft a custom foot covering. These products can be prototypes, or fully realized handcrafted functional objects, depending upon time and resources.


EDUCATION GUIDE: The Moulthrops: A Family of Woodturners
moulthrop family

In this lesson, students will study the woodturning tradition of three generations of the Moulthrop family. Students will watch Craft In America: FAMILY, featuring the Moulthrops. The class will focus on how the members of Moulthrop family support each other to achieve their goals, and the decision to make art their career. Students will examine the relationship the Moulthrops have with their chosen material, wood. Students will look for evidence of the Moulthrop family’s experimentation and invention. Finally, the class will experiment with creating wood finishes and create an artwork using recycled or scrap wood.


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