Tanya Aguiņiga

Tanya Aguiņiga grew up in both San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Mexico, a bi-cultural artist whose quest is to create a dialogue between two very different cultural experiences in her craft-based artistic expression.

Having learned her trade from vastly different sources, from a native backstrap weaver in Chiapas, Mexico to the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, her fiber art and furniture designs challenge our assumptions by re-purposing and re-designing existing icons and experiences. As a founding member of the artist cooperative Border Art Workshop, she helped to establish a community center at Maclovio Rojas, a community in an impoverished area of Tijuana, established during the US/Mexico trade wars in the 1980s. Aguiņiga also creates environmental installations, including her 2011 solo show, Crossing the Line, at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles.

Tanya Aguiņiga is featured in the Crossroads episode of Craft in America.


L: Tanya Aguiņiga, Felt Chairs, David San Miguel photograph
R: Tanya Aguiņiga, Soft Boulder

Sculptor, designer, activist, textile artist, Tanya Aguiņiga talks about the community of Maclovio Rojas in Mexico.

Sculptor, designer, activist, textile artist, Tanya Aguiņiga talks Chicano Park in San Diego and how it inspired her.

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