Randall Darwall

Randall Darwall is a master colorist and weaver whose hallmark is an extraordinarily refined aesthetic, is one of contemporary craft’s finest weavers, bringing an intelligence and liveliness to his work. He sees his goal as “not just making patterns, but giving people something to think about.” For Darwall, dyeing and weaving is a way to set up a conversation between colors; when the cloth is worn, it becomes kinetic sculpture. His approaching 25th anniversary with life‐partner and designer Brian Murphy is testament to a joyous, enduring relationship to work and living that colors his work.

He attended Harvard College and Rhode Island School of Design. Darwall also established a weaving studio in Cambridge while serving as Arts Division Head at The Cambridge School.

Randall Darwall & Brian Murphy are featured in the Threads episode of Craft in America.


Details of Darwall's weavings sewn into vests, Jennifer Gerardi photograph

Darwall dyes and weaves each piece he creates, Jennifer Gerardi photograph

Designer Brian Murphy and weaver Randall Darwall talk about incorporating clothing fragments into garments.

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