Lisa Sorrell

Lisa Sorrell learned to sew clothing at age twelve. By the time she was fifteen she was both designing her own clothing and sewing professionally. In 1990, when she was 20, she moved from Missouri to Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Having left behind her sewing business, she began looking for work and by chance answered an ad in the paper for “stitching boot tops.” The ad was placed by Jay Griffith who was nearing the end of a legendary career in bootmaking. Lisa had never heard of a custom bootmaker and had never worn cowboy boots. The craft fascinated and challenged her in a way clothing had never done, and she quickly decided she wanted to learn to be a custom cowboy bootmaker.

Lisa opened her own business, Sorrell Custom Boots, in 1995. Her work is distinctive not only for the quality and precision of the inlay and stitching but also for the sexy and graceful designs. “My boot designs often come to me in visions, brief flashes of a beautifully colored and designed boot,” Lisa says. In addition to her own designs, she also specializes in working from customer drawings, designs or photos.