David Graeber

David Graeber is a glass artist, who was drawn to art from an early age. The New Jersey native obtained a Fine Arts degree from Camden County Community College, and went on to express himself through graphic art and woodworking.

Graeber found his true passion in flameworking when he became Paul J. Stankard’s assistant in 1989. While he continues to assist Paul, he has become an independent artist, creating his own vision of nature in glass. He strives to recreate nature in glass as realistically as possible, knowing that there are new techniques and designs waiting to be discovered that motivate David to continue the South Jersey glass tradition into the 21st century.

I have a passion for the simple gifts of nature: the timeless beauty of a rose, the industriousness of a small bee, or the untamed wildness of a sunflower. Working in glass allows me to explore this passion, and under the tutelage of master glass artist, Paul Stankard, I refined my passion to the art of capturing nature frozen for eternity in a paperweight.