Preston Singletary segment

NATURE episode Preston Singletary segment. PBS premiere: Friday, April 21, 2017

Preston Singletary on his work

Glass artist Preston Singletary on his work. NATURE episode PBS premiere: Friday, April 21, 2017 (*check local listings)

Filming Preston Singletary

In May, the Craft in America crew visited Preston Singletary’s glass studio in Seattle for the NATURE episode. We watched Preston create a raven and salmon out of hot glass, with help from assistants Joseph BenVenuto and Sean Albert. We also watched Preston draw his designs on his pieces, which were cut by Brittaney Shanta and…

Dante Marioni & Preston Singletary collaborate

Seattle glass artists Dante Marioni and Preston Singletary collaborate on glass and talk about their friendship. Marioni and Singletary met in high school and have stayed connected, personally and professionally, ever since.

Preston Singletary on his heritage and Tlingit mythology

Glass artist Preston Singletary talks about his heritage, how tools help to develop their art and culture over the years, and Tlingit symbolism.

Preston Singletary

 Preston Singletary is a Tlingit glass artist. Singletary transfers Tlingit designs, traditionally carved in wood, onto glass. He studied at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. Light is integral to his work, and he uses it to add dimension to the glass and his design. His work is in the collections of the…

School Visits to the Center

Last week our schools had the privilege of experiencing a hands-on workshop with Catherine Alice Michaelis. This week, the same students from Clinton Middle School and Rosewood Elementary were able to visit the Craft in America Center in order to view and discuss the objects featured in the NATURE episode in person. Monday morning, the…

NATURE episode airdates

Craft in America: NATURE premieres on PBS starting Friday, April 21, 2017. Here’s a list of stations airing the episode. NATURE features sculptor Patrick Dougherty, fiber artist Mary Merkel-Hess, woodcarver Michelle Holzapfel, book artist Catherine Alice Michaelis, and glass artist Preston Singletary. (*check local listings to confirm) Friday, April 21 at 8pm Arkansas Educational Television (5 stations)…

Crafting a Tale of Ecology

In this lesson, students will view the Preston Singletary segment from the NATURE episode of the PBS series Craft in America. Students will hear from the artist, the team of assistants that help with his glasswork, and independent curator Miranda Belarde-Lewis, who is curating a show of Singletary’s work. The program features the Tlingit origin…

Nature: Highlights from the Episode exhibition

NATURE: Highlights from the Episode opened on Saturday, March 18. All but one of the works in the show come directly from plants, but all of the works very much relate back to the theme of the episode: exploring the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Preston Singletary’s glass interpretation of the Tlingit creation myth…