Women Working in Metal

Women’s Work, a show currently on display at Freehand Gallery, set the stage for a panel we hosted in October: Women Who Work With Metal. (Freehand is owned by Carol Sauvion, Executive Director of Craft in America.) The Center Director, Emily Zaiden, mediated a lively discussion among metal artists Chloe Darke, Heather McLarty and Elaine Unzicker. The three women kicked off the event by discussing their work.

Chloe Darke is a metalsmith working for Old Newbury Crafters in Massachusetts; she also makes her own work, strikingly different from the traditional forms that come out of Old Newbury. You can learn more about Darke in our FORGE episode.

Local blacksmith Heather McLarty shared images of her public and private artwork, all  made from her hand-built teepee in Highland Park, CA. (That includes the gates she forged for Occidental University in nearby Eagle Rock.)

Elaine Unzicker, based in Ojai, transforms chainmail into a sleek and wearable material. Slipping on one of her gloves creates a tactile sensation that is unique and unexpected.

We invite you to visit Women’s Work before it closes November 15th— and be sure to stop by the Craft in America Center next door. Our Service exhibition closes at the end of this month.