Van Nuys High School and The Circuitry of Joyce J. Scott

Van Nuys High School visited the Craft in America Center today for their Spring field trip and saw the work of Joyce J. Scott and learned about her work.  We had 39 High School students, most of which were Special Education students, and 11 classroom assistants come into our space for a special viewing of “The Circuitry of Joyce J. Scott” exhibition. About 20 students, who ranged from mildly to severely emotionally distressed individuals, participated in today’s lesson plan and activities.

Although there were over 40 bodies in our modest space and everyone was so enthralled with the exhibition that it became difficult to grab their attention at times, the students, in groups of 5, dedicated 40 minutes to learning and creating a Peyote Stitch. The Peyote Stitch is employed in all the beaded pieces displayed in this exhibition so it was an exciting and rewarding way to partake in beading like a professional artist does. Every group finished a one-drop peyote stitch and took them back to school to share with their other classmates, friends and families.