Valentine Making Workshop with Corinna Cotsen

On Sunday, the Craft in America Center welcomed over a dozen individuals for a special Valentine making workshop with artist Corinna Cotsen. We had a full house and every person was eager to create cards for friends, loved ones, and themselves.

Corinna gathered all kinds of inspiring materials: cardstock, scrapbook paper, stamps, ink, glue, ribbon, dozens of different heart shaped cut outs, shaped hole punchers, and more. Every adult had enough to create as many Valentines as one desired within a 2 hour period. Throughout the workshop, almost everyone was standing and walking around the room searching the various materials distributed among each table while they socialized with new and old acquaintances.

Time flew fast and all the guests were surprised when Corinna announced that it was time to share our work with each other. As we began cleaning up, there were a few people who continued to work and took a few paper cut-outs with them to finish at home. We heard many of our guests expressing their interest in creating collaged cards for other Holidays throughout the year. Due to the success of this workshop, the Center may be considering having an annual collage-making workshop.