The Circuitry of Joyce J. Scott Opening

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of hosting the opening for The Circuitry of Joyce J. Scott: A Group Exhibition of Collaboration and Innovation at the Center.

Artist William Rhodes was in attendance and able to explain his works in depth to people that asked. He spoke about his piece House of Ibeji in depth and told us how his father was born with a twin that didn’t survive. In the work, he imagines a past where he did.

Rhodes was such a fantastic addition for the evening as he explained how he knew each of the artists. He grew up with Shana Kroiz. Both he and Kroiz knew Joyce J. Scott at a young age, and it was because of her tutelage, that they decided to become artists.

The Circuitry of Joyce J. Scott is open through April 14 at the Craft in America Center.