Thanksgiving with Craft in America

Happy Thanksgiving from Craft in America!

We invite you to explore the Craft in America website and learn about how craft helps make this national holiday a special time to celebrate our heritage.


FAMILY – Watch the FAMILY episode to learn how traditions are passed down within families.

Through this episode, we ask: Is talent inherited? What is it like to live in a household where objects are made by hand? FAMILY explores the creative environments and personal dynamics of four families of craft artists. Featuring ceramic and jewelry artists Cliff & Holly Lee, glass artists Paul & Dante & Marina Marioni, wood turners Ed & Philip & Matt Moulthrop, and boot maker Lisa Sorrell.


NATIVE AMERICAN ARTISTS FROM THE EPISODES – We invite you to learn about the diverse creations and stories of Native American artists who have been featured in our PBS Series. Follow the links below for Artist Pages featuring biographies, images of artwork, and links to video segments:

Pat Courtney Gold

Teri Greeves

Preston Singletary

Denise Wallace


CRAFT OF THE DINNER TABLE – Get ready for Turkey Day by browsing our Objects Galleries engaging the connections between craft and the art of food!

Food was a motivational font for craft from its earliest origins. Objects have facilitated and elevated the act of cooking and consumption throughout history, from woven baskets to clay storage jars, blown glass vessels and metal utensils. The Craft in America Center took on this subject through our exhibition series called Good Enough to Eat. Take a look at these online image galleries to see works from the exhibitions:

Good Enough to Eat: Food as Impetus for Craft

Good Enough to Eat: Food as Subject for Craft

Good Enough to Eat: Food as Medium for Craft