Teachers Exhibition and Therman Statom Visit

When our TEACHERS episode aired on PBS in September, the Craft in America Center had been busy putting up the accompanying exhibition. On November 12th, featured artist Therman Statom gave a talk preceding the opening reception, which brought in a most enthusiastic crowd to the Center. We were honored by the presence of other featured artist Mark Mitsuda and his family as well as artist/educator John Luebtow, who will be giving a lecture on December 10th at the Center. The Teachers exhibition, which presents selected work from the artists featured in the episode, allows for visitors to view crafts that correspond with what real working artists are teaching in educational institutions to students of all ages and backgrounds. The exhibit displays a variety of skills, from Navajo weaving, to glass blowing and ceramics.

As well as presenting us with a talk, Therman Statom collaborated with the Craft in America Center in order to bring his message of empowerment through art to fifth grade and middle school students at our LAUSD partner schools. Statom personally visited Rosewood Elementary and Clinton Middle School in order to provide them with a special workshop relating to his own work in painting, drawing, and glass. Following the in-school projects with Therman Statom, each class visited the Center in order to view the Teachers exhibition and participate in yet another craft-centered activity, on site.