Reading Craft’s Second Book Discussion a Success!

Last night the Center welcomed guests at a special time to discuss Kiff Slemmon’s work and literature. Slemmons has such wonderful books that touch upon her metal work and series Hands of the Heroes and Re:Pair and Imperfection, as well as her more recent paper jewelry discussed in Kiff Slemmons & Arte Papel Oaxaca.

Our evening started off with light refreshments which included guacamole and Oaxacan cheese, paired with a delicious cocktail made up of grapefruit, lime and Mescal- perfect compliments for an evening dedicated to artwork made in Mexico! Guest speaker Ken Brecher, President of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, introduced our Book Discussion and Topics with an anecdote on his adventures in the heart of the Amazon in the 1970s and tied it to the powerful impact stories, books and discussion groups have on our communities. Our discussion group agreed that it has always been important to share our histories with others in order to positively affect our future. This topic was explored in Kiff Slemmons & Papel Oaxaca, 

“Unlike other traditional craft in the culturally rich area if Oaxaca, paper making began fresh in Vista Hermosa in 1999. However, the making of paper and the making of books was a vital part of pre-Columbian cultures and the destruction of thousands of indigenous books soon after colonization has served to further emphasize the significance of paper and books in current cultures.”

This passage explains how even though our physical histories may be destroyed, they can always be verbally recreated by our communities.