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New Episode of the Peabody Award-Winning Series
CRAFT IN AMERICA: CROSSROADS Airs Nationwide on PBS Nov 16, 2012*

Los Angeles, CA – CRAFT IN AMERICA, the Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning series dedicated to exploring America’s rich craft history, presents Episode Nine, with Craft in America: Crossroads, to air on PBS primetime, Friday, November 16, 2012 at 9pm*

Crossroads follows the evolution of American craft in its drive toward exploration, experimentation and innovation; a move toward new forms and creative solutions. Through the work of Tanya Aguiñiga, Lia Cook, and 3 Midwest clay artists we explore their trailblazing attempts to cross-pollinate culture, aesthetics and technologies, moving forward the development of American craft.

Tanya Aguiñiga designs objects and environments in which people experience the beauty of the handcrafted. Tanya was raised jointly in Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California. Her work expresses an effort to use the raw materials of her bi-cultural experience to create a vital, unique personal expression. “In my work, craft and handwork are at the core… My explorations in color and texture probably come from the Mexican side of me and the more minimalist aesthetic comes from the U.S. side of me… People call me a textile artist, a furniture designer, a sculptor… I think it’s a very frontier sensibility.” Aguiñiga says. Fiber and weaving are the starting point for Tanya. Her innovative and much lauded furniture and design work have been exhibited in cultural meccas as far and wide as Mexico City, Milan and New York. She was recently granted a prestigious United States Artists Award.

The Hamada-Leach ceramic tradition is centered in a community of potters in the Midwest, whose work is based on traditional wares for everyday use, known in Japan as “Mingei”. The Mingei Philosophy, as taught by Shoji Hamada, was brought to England by Bernard Leach in the 1920s. Potters from all over the world apprenticed at the Leach Pottery and carried their newly-acquired aesthetics back home. Imported to America in the 1960s, this aesthetic widely influenced the emerging counter-culture and as a result, modern design. In the US, Warren MacKenzie, Jeff Oestreich and Clary Illian were central to this aesthetic cross-pollination – that everyday handmade objects are honest, inexpensive and functional, and by this pureness, infuse one’s life with beauty.

Lia Cook has for years been at the forefront of the intersection of craft and art, where she has recently melded techniques of 18th c. Jacquard weaving (a precursor of the computer) with an inquiry into brain functioning, thus combining the most basic manual technology with contemporary technology and scientific practice. Her unusual mix of old and new has garnered her international recognition. Cook’s pioneering work is exhibited in major museums throughout the world. We will travel with Lia from her studio in Berkeley, CA to her solo show at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

Our episode explores the crossroads of craft, where change and innovation evolve from global influences and utilize the exciting intersections between the handmade and modern technology.

Special advance screenings will be held across the nation, beginning October 5th.

Oct 5 - Watershed Center for Ceramics Art
Oct 11 - Portland Pottery
Oct 12 - ACC Library Salon
Oct 12 - The Grand Hand Gallery
Oct 16 - ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center
Oct 23 - Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Nov 4 - Trax Ceramics Gallery
Nov 18 - Northern Clay Center

The Craft in America series is the result of years of advocacy, research and filmmaking by Executive Producer / Director Carol Sauvion. “Craft is once again proving its relevance as people return to the handmade,” says Sauvion.

Ancillary projects include museum exhibitions, the Random House book Craft in America: Celebrating Two Centuries of Artists and Objects, hours of online videos and interactive learning materials, and a free-to-the-public Craft in America Study Center located in Los Angeles, offering artist talks, exhibitions, workshops and a library of publications on the history and techniques of craft.

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Watch a 30 second preview of the newest episode of Craft in America, Crossroads, airing on PBS, November 16. *check local listings