Exclusive Interview with Carol Sauvion for DPTV


Exclusive Interview with Carol Sauvion for DPTV
By Marilyn Ewer
November/December 2015

Carol Sauvion is creator, executive producer, and director of Craft in America. Now in its seventh season, the series has aired 13 programs. “Music” and “Celebration” are the upcoming episodes.

ME: Why did you decide to approach PBS with the Craft in America series idea rather than cable or a commercial station?
CS: PBS has the finest arts programming on television. We want to reach a wide audience-not everyone can afford cable. PBS was the only choice for us.

ME: It would have been easy to do episodes by materials: ceramics, glass. Instead, you chose themes. Tell us why.
CS: We listened to the artists. We wanted to do more than show how artists make objects-craft is a passion that involves the mind and heart. We also wanted to show the relationships between history and craftspeople who weave their culture into their work or use their work to make statements about world events.

ME: What do you want viewers to get from the series?
CS: We hope some people will be motivated to learn a craft and others will become craft appreciators-gaining a better understanding of craft traditions.

ME: What’s ahead for future seasons?
CS: Our “Teachers” episode will be about learning a craft-through family, schools, and apprenticeships. “Nature” will focus on artists who get their materials and inspirations from nature.

Learn more at craftinamerica.org.