Politically Speaking Opening Reception and Sandra Enterline’s Artist Talk:​ Blind Driving

Sandra Enterline transformed the Center into a wonderfully crowded space during her talk on Saturday. Many visitors were fascinated by what she expressed about her oil-inspired jewelry pieces. She discussed the ability to encapsulate pieces from a place in time, a souvenir, and turn them into jewelry. Collecting nostalgic memories in the form of physical objects allows Sandra to transform these materials into wearable art. You can see samples of her work in Titusville Chandelier and San Agapito necklaces which hold petroleum the artist personally obtained from Drake Well in Titusville, Pennsylvania.​

Following Sandra Enterline’s talk was the opening reception for Politically Speaking: New American Ideals in Contemporary Jewelry. We had many familiar faces in the crowd, including artist Christina Smith, whose work is also on display at the Center.

The exhibition runs through November 5, 2016 and features various wearable objects in red, white and blue, an acknowledgement of American politics. The jewelry on display brings to mind prominent topics that are affecting today’s political atmosphere. The detail and craft displayed in these pieces allow for small objects to hold loud and clear statements.