In Conversation: Alejandro de Ávila Blomberg & Jim Bassler

Thank you for everyone that joined us this past Sunday at the Biscailuz Gallery at El Pueblo de Los Angeles for a conversation between fiber artist Jim Bassler and botanist/anthropologist/Director of the Ethnobotanical Garden Alejandro de Ávila Blomberg. The conversation was surrounded by of our exhibition Borders and Neighbors: Craft Connectivity Between the U.S. and Mexico was very personal and the two spoke directly about their relationships with each other and of Oaxaca.

What stood out were their descriptions of Oaxaca: a culture that was not defined by consumerism but more by art, which is so rare. They spoke about how unique elements of Oaxaca have allowed it to maintain an authenticity while being dominated by tourism. The talk will be available on the website soon.