Filming Preston Singletary

In May, the Craft in America crew visited Preston Singletary’s glass studio in Seattle for the NATURE episode. We watched Preston create a raven and salmon out of hot glass, with help from assistants Joseph BenVenuto and Sean Albert. We also watched Preston draw his designs on his pieces, which were cut by Brittaney Shanta and sandblasted by Terri Rau. Such a wonderful team and work environment. Curator Miranda Belarde-Lewis also stopped by to discuss an upcoming exhibition of Preston’s work at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. For Preston’s interview, we went to Discovery Park, where Mount Rainier was just barely visible in the background and Preston played his drum for us on the beach. We then made a quick stop at the Seattle Art Museum to film Preston’s Killer Whale screen. Special thanks to Celine Rabago at Preston Singletary studio for her help organizing this shoot and to the Seattle Art Museum for allowing us to film there. Photos courtesy of Mark Markley & Denise Kang.