Thomas Mann’s Storm Cycle

Thomas Mann’s Storm Cycle Exhibition (August 19 – September 18, 2010)
Reacting to the destruction that took place in his hometown in 2005, Thomas Mann created a body of work in his signature assemblage style using debris and remnants he gathered from the devastated streets of New Orleans. The reassembled raw fragments are poetic, haunting declarations about the catastrophe. The Craft in America Center will have 10 shadow box panels from Mann’s Storm Cycle series, each of which tell a different, compelling story about the tragedy and which include a removable, wearable piece of jewelry he created as a critical component and memento for each composition.

In commemoration of the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, selections from Thomas Mann’s Storm Cycle series will make a rare West Coast appearance and be on view at the Craft in America Center from August 19 through September 18, 2010.

This exhibition will be enhanced by an exciting new online arts initiative on, featuring video clips of Tom filmed at many of the Storm Cycle sites, telling the stories that inspired each piece.