Rules of Seeing: Hidde Van Duym and Collage

Hidde Van Duym’s work will be on view in an exhibition at the Craft in America Center from November 8th through January 4th, 2014. On the evening of the opening of his show, Van Duym will give a talk entitled, Rules of Seeing: an Overview of Collage, to launch the weekend celebration of the properties, process and meaning of collage.

Largely a self-taught artist, Van Duym worked with lithography, etching and welding before beginning to experiment with three-dimensional watercolor montage in the early 1980s. Van Duym’s exhibition, lecture and workshop will ponder the nature of collage as an expressive medium with distinct characteristics. Van Duym will guide the group to consider the hidden connections that emerge when diverse materials are brought together to form a theme, story or design.