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Made to Play: A Retrospective of Wood by Pamela Weir-Quiton October 13 – December 1, 2018 With more than fifty years of woodworking under her tool belt, Craft in America Center is pleased to present a retrospective of functional wood sculpture by artist Pamela Weir-Quiton, a bonafide Los Angeles treasure whose work defies categorization. The…

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Rooted: Craft Origins from the California Episode December 8, 2018-January 26, 2019 An exhibition tracing the deep roots of craft in California’s history and the roles of native plant life as inspiration for various art traditions. From Pomo basketry to the Arts and Crafts movement and contemporary art, craft defines California culture.

California Visionaries March 2-May 4, 2019 California has been the fertile epicenter for craft investigation in the art world.  Employing various materials, techniques and concepts, Californian visionary artists have been at the forefront of the American craft movement. This exhibition prominently features the foremost collection of California craft, the collection of Forest L. Merrill.