The SERVICE episode is the story of craft and the military. From the origins of the Army Arts and Crafts Program and the G.I. Bill to contemporary soldiers and veterans, SERVICE documents the power of the handmade to inspire, motivate and heal. Featured artists include Eugene Burks Jr., Pam DeLuco, Judas Recendez, Ehren Tool and Peter Voulkos. The SERVICE episode is part of the PBS veterans initiative Stories of Service and CPB initiative Veterans Coming Home. PBS premiere: November 2, 2014.


Ehren Tool Judas Recendez at the wheel. Mark Markley photograph Peter Voulkos

Ramona Solberg, Courtesy of Sharon Dwinnell-Smith and Larry Metcalf Harvey Littleton, Courtesy of Penland School of Crafts William Daley, Amanda Schwab photograph

Arthur Espenet Carpenter building the Wish Bone chair J.B. Blunk Pam DeLuco. Mark Markley photograph

Eugene Burks Jr, Mark Markley photograph The Clay Studio


EDUCATION GUIDE: Conversations and Cups

Ehren Tool. Mark Markley photograph

In this lesson, students will explore the work of ceramic artist Ehren Tool, who creates clay cups on the potter’s wheel and embellishes them with military images. Tool gives away his cups and to date has given away over 14,000 in an attempt to provide a catalyst for conversations between veterans and those who have not served in the military. In this lesson, students will engage in research in order to gain what Tool describes as “war awareness,” a sense of those in their community who have performed military service in the past and a recognition of the Americans who are currently serving in the military and where they are stationed. Finally, students will make a ceramic form that features imagery of a chosen veteran or service person.


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