Craft traditions didn’t just appear, fully-formed and mature. Artists tie their work to early techniques and pass these practices on in a continuum of creativity. ORIGINS features blacksmith Philip Simmons, potter Mark Hewitt, Vernon & Pam & Travis Owens of Jugtown Pottery, beadwork artist Teri Greeves, weaver Jim Bassler, and glass artist Paul Stankard. PBS premiere: October 7, 2009.

Philip Simmons American College of the Building Arts Vernon Owens

Pam Owens Travis Owens. Mark Markley photograph Jugtown

Mark Hewitt Teri Greeves Jim Bassler at the loom

Paul Stankard Salem Community College student flameworking, Courtesy of Salem Community College


EDUCATION GUIDE: Jim Bassler: Woven in Tradition
Jim Bassler at the loom

In this lesson, students will explore the work of weaver Jim Bassler and learn about the basic techniques of weaving. Students will view the ORIGINS segment of Craft in America featuring Bassler. They will discuss the role of technology in craft, as well as consider the importance and origins of weaving in our world. After spending time learning about weaving and dyeing, students will create a piece of woven cloth dyed with indigo.


EDUCATION GUIDE: Teri Greeves: Beadworking & Belonging
Teri Greeves

In this lesson, students will study the work of bead artist Teri Greeves. After watching the Craft In America ORIGINS segment featuring Greeves, students will examine how Greeves’ beadworking signifies and honors her Kiowa heritage. Students will look for examples of decorated garments in their experience that indicate belonging to a group. Following this, students will hand embellish an item of wear with an image symbolic of a particular group.


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