LANDSCAPE looks at the sublime and complex relationship between craft artists and their environment.  The work these artists create often embodies the power, beauty and fragility of the natural world.  LANDSCAPE highlights artists Jan Yager, Kit Carson, David Gurney, Richard Notkin, George Nakashima and Mira Nakashima. Their art is both a reflection of and commentary on the environment in which they live.  Also featuring the Timberline Lodge, this hour discovers the handmade in landscapes where it is often hiding in plain sight. PBS premiere: May 30, 2007.


Kit Carson. Jennifer Gerardi photograph David Gurney George Nakashima

Mira Nakashima Richard Notkin Timberline Lodge

Jan Yager


EDUCATION GUIDE: Landscape: Personal Connections
Richard Notkin, Pyramidal Skull Teapot: Military Intelligence I, 1989
Craft artists depend on their natural environment for both materials and inspiration. Materials are collected, combined and transformed through the creativity and necessity of human hands. This educational guide delves into the indispensable and innate relationships between artists and their environment, thus providing educators with material that will relate to and reflect the core ideas, artists, and art forms presented in the LANDSCAPE episode.


EDUCATION GUIDE: Landscape: Personal Connections
George Nakashima, Peace Table, Mary Bloom Photograph


EDUCATION GUIDE: Landscape: Place
David Gurney, Tea Set. Rachel Gehlhar photograph


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