FORGE profiles artists who are working in what could be called the only tangible example of “alchemy” we have: the forging of metal – hard and soft, cold and hot, brittle and pliable – magically transformed by fire. One of the first substances used by humans, metal continues to serve, fascinate and challenge. FORGE features silversmith Chloe Darke, Old Newbury Crafters, artist Tom Pullin, and sculptor Albert Paley.  Through this mysterious material, they express their creativity, skill and resourcefulness.  Their work ranges from delicate jewelry to monumental sculptures — all powerful examples of the metalsmith’s art. PBS premiere: October 25, 2013.


Geoffrey Blake at Old Newbury Crafters. Mark Markley photograph Old Newbury Crafters

Tom Pullin. Mark Markley photograph Jeremiah Holland at the Corcoran College. Mark Markley photograph Davide Prete forging, Mark Markley photograph

Albert Paley. Mark Markley photograph


EDUCATION GUIDE: Chloe Darke: Function and Expression in Metalsmithing

Chloe Darke. Mark Markley photograph

Students will explore the work of metalsmith Chloe Darke, who produces silverware in traditional patterns for the company Old Newbury Crafters. Additionally, in her own studio work Darke creates expressive vessels she describes as “objects of empowerment,” and these reference the female form. In this lesson, students will compare and contrast the functions of Chloe Darke’s tableware with her vessels, through a class debate arguing the value of each form—the utilitarian traditional silverware and the expressive contemporary vessels. Additionally, students will sketch a design for their choice of a utilitarian, historically based metal object, or a contemporary vessel with symbolic meaning.


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