We eat off it and store things in it – and have for as long as we can remember. But if all you see is the practical without the possible, you’re missing a whole lot. And working in clay could just be the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Find out why!

7000 years ago, Babylonians built homes from clay bricks. 2200 years ago Emperor Qin Shi Huang had over 7000 terra cotta soldiers, horses, and chariots made and buried in Xian, China. Today, clay’s a multifaceted art form that continues that creative tradition. Learn about the impact clay has had on our lives!

Considering what ceramists start out with, the end results are nothing short of amazing. Read about some who’ve changed the face of ceramics!

Want to start getting dirty with clay? Get the stuff you need? See amazing work? Check out some books, museums, and organizations to help you do more!