offers a thorough grounding in the people, personalities, and objects that, through craft, have helped make our country a richer, more interesting place. Not just a picture book or a history book, you’ll find the context of craft in our lives.

Why is craft important to us? Why should we care? Throughout history, people have made objects by hand. Each object tells a story— about the person who made it; about the cultural moment in which it was created; about the political mood, community, and cultural forces that inspired it. You’ll find this book a perfect extension of the PBS series, or as a stand alone you’ll enjoy reading and referring to. It’s a perfect gift for the craftsperson, art historian, or just someone who wants to explore a new area. Available at your local booksellers now.

The first book of its kind. With 320 pages, over 400 full-color photographs, and a comprehensive Resources guide.
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Jo Lauria and Steve Fenton have been joined by President Jimmy Carter and a group of distinguished scholars to produce a penetrating look at the place craft has played in our nation’s history and development. Meet the Authors

The story of Craft in America is so big we didn't have room for it all in the book! - download an extra chapter!
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