Book Club Launch: June 28, 6:30-8pm

Thursday, June 28, 2018
6:30pm: Light refreshments
7pm: Discussion begins

Craft in America is excited to announce the launch of its new book salon, Reading Craft. Our first session will take place during Arline Fisch’s Aquatic Bloom exhibition. In this open dialogue, we will focus on a book that was hand-picked by Arline because it inspired her to create her beautifully knitted and crocheted jellyfish and coral:

The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss by Claire Nouvian

The Deep explores the ocean’s unique habitats by providing spectacular images of rarely seen sea creatures from the darkest and deepest depths of our oceans.

In addition, we will also touch upon Arline’s own ground-breaking classic, Textile Techniques in Metal and look back at her key past exhibition catalogs, including Elegant Fantasy: The Jewelry of Arline Fisch.

Come for a lively conversation. You are not required to have read the book, but we encourage you to come early to skim through the pages.

Some excerpts from the books and topics to consider will be shared with those who plan to attend, so reserve your spot at Copies of the books can also found at various public libraries throughout Los Angeles.

About the books:

The Deep: “Combining the latest scientific discoveries with astonishing color imagery, The Deep takes readers on a voyage into the darkest realms of the ocean. Revealing nature’s oddest and most mesmerizing creatures in crystalline detail, The Deep features more than two hundred color photographs of terrifying sea monsters, living fossils, and ethereal bioluminescent creatures, some photographed here for the very first time. Accompanying these breathtaking photographs are contributions from some of the world’s most respected researchers that examine the biology of deep-sea organisms, the ecology of deep-sea habitats, and the history of deep-sea exploration. An unforgettable visual and scientific tour of the teeming abyss, The Deep celebrates the incredible diversity of life on Earth and will captivate anyone intrigued by the unseen—and unimaginable—creatures of the deep sea.” –

Textile Techniques in Metal: “This richly illustrated book explains, in easy-to-follow language, a variety of methods and strategies for manipulating metals with techniques borrowed from textiles. The author provides detailed instructions for adapting techniques like, knitting crocheting, weaving, basketry, braiding, and lacemaking. With insightful historical information and numerous inspiring examples of work by the author and other talented artists, Textile Techniques in Metal will serve as an eye-opening reference for textile artists, sculptors, and jewelers alike.” –

Elegant Fantasy: “This is the first monograph on Arline Fisch, the leading American creator of jewelry as art. It introduces the most important aspects of her work: full-body jewelry, which covers the wearer’s body like armor; recurrent motifs like fans, feathers, and animals and, finally, something that is distinctively her own: the textile techniques she has employed in making jewelry. More than 100 brilliant color photographs illustrate the spectacular work of this innovative artist, revealing the impact jewelry and clothing, metal and fabric have on each other in her work.” –

More on the Reading Craft Salon:

The Reading Craft salon will be held in conjunction with each exhibition and pertain to various aspects of the artwork and artists who are featured. Books and articles will be drawn from Craft in America’s large and expanding craft-focused library. The library, located at the Center is free and open to the public during operating hours (Tue-Sat: 12-6pm). We invite the public to visit our library as well as encourage conversations on topics of craft through literature.