Travis Owens

Travis, the son of Vernon and Pam Owens began working with clay as soon as he could walk and grew up learning the craft from his family. Travis received a BA in Art and Design at North Carolina State University in 2007.

He joined forces full time at Jugtown Pottery upon graduation, and continues to study the work of his great grandfather, grandfather and parents, as well as historical pottery. Travis has developed a litany of forms that show respect for his roots and a sense of his own forms. Travis has conducted workshops and demonstrations at the North Carolina Museum of History, the North Carolina Museum of Art and the Mint Museum. He has shown his pots in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New York and New Hampshire.

I grew up looking at and making pots, that’s what my family has done for generations. I work with local clays and make pieces that reflect the process. Essentially, a good pot has a definite, simple shape, a continuing line, and a glaze that suits the pot’s character; that’s what I work for with every piece.

-Travis Owens