Christine Stankard Kressley

Christine Stankard Kressley is a glass artist who resides in Southern New Jersey. Under the mastery of international studio glass artist, Paul J. Stankard, Christine creates glass paperweights, continuing the American Paperweight tradition.

Growing up in the Stankard home, Christine was surrounded by art and often accompanied her father on many nature hikes as he researched native plants. Christine grew up with a natural love of art and glass. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and then working in the museum world for 5 years, Christine began working with her father in 1990.

I enjoy working with the intimate form of the paperweight. Glass is so seductive. Here is the beautiful object of art you can actually hold. The viewer has the opportunity to closely study the intricate details of the composition. I am inspired and challenged by the forms found in nature. I sculpt the colored glass to capture the most delicate stamen or the subtle colors and textures of a blossom. With the intimacy of the form, the viewer has a better opportunity to appreciate the subtle achievements in my work.

-Christine Stankard Kressley